InAir™ - Ventilation and Purifiers

Unlike many other brands who solely offer floor standing products, InAir’s™ innovative range of air filtration systems are designed to be placed on the ground. Our through-the-wall units are great for both commercial and residential properties and focus on 99.9% purification of PM2.5 filtration. The coarse-efficiency filter removes larger particles with an efficiency of 70%; the high-efficiency filter (HEPA) absorbs the remaining fine particles and circulates clean air into the environment with 99.9% purification and zero pollution.

The physical filtration method is currently the most used practice for other manufacturing brand’s air purifiers. InAir™ have adapted to the latest innovations in filtration and implemented the PM2.5 filtration method in our filter systems. Some larger manufacturers have developed or are developing related functions that provide this popularising method; however, this is something InAir™ already provide.