Site Survey Guides & Form


Site Survey Guides & Form

Site Survey Guides & Form

Catalina offers an installation commissioning service. For this we will require all of the points in the above Check List to be listed and commented on and accompanied with a sketch of the site (see form overleaf) showing any critical dimensions and photographs of the access route and end position of the spa or Swimspa.

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1.Check road, lane and drive is suitable for the delivery vehicle.

2.Check the route from the delivery point to the proposed spa base.

3.Is there sufficient height and width? Including paths and gates.

4.Are there any overhead obstructions? – cables, guttering, porches, gate overhangs, eave overhangs, trees, power lines. Remember the height of the Proswim system for indoor use.

5.Are there any surface or below ground obstacles that could be damaged as the spa is being put into position such as drainage, cables, manholes.

6.Will a crane be needed?

7.Walk the route with a tape or something the same length as the dimensions of the spa

8.Could the delivery vehicle cause damage to the client’s drive or garden?

9.Draw a sketch of the delivery and access route. Provide as many dimensions as possible.

10.Check the final position of the spa and that any loungers are facing the preferred direction

11.Check the final position of the Swimspa river jets so the swimmer is facing the preferred direction

12.Ensure that access is sufficient for future servicing/warranty of any parts and components (moving a spa or lifting decking etc is excluded from warranty work).

13.If a cover lifter is being fitted ensure sufficient space is left to enable the cover to be removed (minimum 600mm)

14.Proximity – although the spa is very quiet in filter mode care should be given to its location to windows, living areas etc

15.Neighbours – consider again the spas location so as not to upset neighbours.


17.Safe, easy and practical access throughout the year

18. Indoor installations will require dehumidification (call for details of our unique system options)

19.Be prepared to undertake a general Site Risk Assessment if the installation should require.

20.Ensure adequate power supply is available and electrical installation and connection must be carried out by a qualified electrician.