5kg Non Chlorine Shock


5kg Non Chlorine Shock

5kg Non Chlorine Shock

Non-Chlorine Shock can be used to shock dose spa, swimspas and pools which use all types of chlorine as a sanitiser without boosting chlorine levels.

It may also be used for reactivating spent Bromine in Bromine treated spa, swimspas and pools

It dissolves rapidly to break down unpleasant pollutants and organic matter, and is effective over a wide range of water conditions and pH values.

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Non Chlorine Shock is a powerful, odourless oxidising agent which is different to sanitisation. 

Oxidation is the act of breaking down the oils and other 'organics' in your water. 

Using Non Chlorine Shock gives you improved sanitiser efficiency when using along side your preferred sanitiser. It is also a fast and effective way to remove any body oils, lotion, deodorant, dead skin cells, detergents, and sweat from your hot tub water- this can prevent foaming and reduce the strain on your hot tub filter.

If you have milky or cloudy water and your chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels are okay, then using Non Chlorine Shock will oxidise the products that are causing this, restoring your water to its former glory clarity.

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