12mm Laminated Foam Blanket


12mm Laminated Foam Blanket

12mm Laminated Foam Blanket


The Laminated Foam Blanket is a relitivly low cost investment for spa and swimspa owners that will quickly pay for itself by savings running costs. Not suitable for use on rollers. 

From  £260.00
(VAT included)

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Our 12mm high grade floating blanket reduces up to 95% heat loss due to evaporation and radiation, provides a further layer of insulation when used under your spa or swimspa rigid cover.  It will also provide a barrier between the spa water and the underside of the spa rigid cover helping to protect the underside of the cover from the effects of chemicals and excess moisture. This well help prevent the rigid cover from water logging, one of the main causes of cover failure.

‘Easy to fit easy to use - the Laminated Foam Blanket can be easily trimmed to fit any spa shape. Ideal for indoor spas and swimspas