Dual Temp Catalina™ Swimspas

Dual temperature swimspas offer two separate volumes of water allowing the client to maintain the pool at a lower temperature than the spa. This makes more comfortable bathing in both ends and the lower temperature in the pool is more suitable to exercise and swimming 

Catalina was the first company to pioneer the design and construction of a dual temperature swimspa, this all happened back in the mid-70s. Since then we have gone on to produce some of the most attractive, bather friendly high performance swim spas in the world.

With the Olympic we took one of our most popular spa size and layout and added this to our most popular swimspa length.

The Relay is a powerful exercise pool with a comfortable 5 person spa – it is unique in having a see-through divider between the spa and pool.

Our swimspas are often copied but never equalled.

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