Immerse Sachet 2 x 50g


Immerse Sachet 2 x 50g

Immerse Sachet 2 x 50g

Rapidly soluble formula for cartridge filter cleaning and removal of scale, rust, oils and greases. 

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For Cartridge filter cleaning and removal of scale. 2 x 50g Sachets.

Directions for use:

  • Fill a plastic bucket with clean water, then carefully add both the twin sachet contents and stir.
  • Place the dirty cartridge into the solution after hosing and removing any loose materials/debris.
  • Ensure the cartridge is completely immersed and soak it overnight.
  • Thoroughly clean and rinse with fresh water.
  • For best results allow the cartridge to dry completely before re-installing.

Both Sachets treat up to 4 gallons/18 litres of water.

When dosing this product, please wear eye and face protection. Please also wear  gloves. 

Dose near the water bucket to be used and never mix with other chemicals as a dangerous reaction may occur.

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