Catalina Aquadynamic Spas™

We have been importing Catalina Spas into the UK since 1997; this makes Catalina Spas the longest established North American hot tub brand in the UK that is still supplied by the original importer.
Original Features - Over the years we have introduced a number of firsts to the hot tub industry, Catalina were the first manufacturer to incorporate features such as; Music Systems, Televisions, Mist Systems, Multi-Point Lighting, in fact just about every feature that’s now taken for granted on a hot tub was introduced by Catalina.
Lasting Designs We never stop innovating either, new for 2019 we see the addition of new water features, upgraded weatherproof cabinet systems, attractive mosaic tile inlays, waterproof pan sealed base, all fitted as standard. We have introduced 2 new models in the all seater 7 person ‘Luna’ and the small but beautifully formed ‘Star’.
Having sold many thousands of spas throughout the world and offering a 10 year warranty, owning a Catalina Aquadynamic gives you long-term peace of mind.

All Catalina Aquadynamic come with the 'industry best' 10 year warranty

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