Wall mounted unit


Wall mounted unit

Wall mounted unit

pH/ORP & Chlorine monitoring and dosing unit ready assembled in a wall mounted housing ideal for plant room locations.

  1.  Can be retrofitted to spas, swimspas and pools.
  2. Easy to install and comes complete with plumbing kit
  3. Attractive wall fitted housing with calibration solutions and probe removal tool.
  4. Chemical storage tanks.
  5. Waterproof digital controller with data logging and recording for PH and Redox (ORP) 
  6. Low chemical reservoir waning
  7. Internal independent peristaltic pumps gives proportional addition of PH and sanitiser.
  8. Probe and flow cell with pre filter and mixing chamber - system shuts down in the event of no water flow. 
From  £2,737.00
(VAT included)

Our standard water treatment system use ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to measure the oxidizing (sanitiser) capacity in water. Unlike most home test processes, ORP is not fooled by the effects of pH, TDS (Total dissolved solids) and other factors but it is not actually reading the free chlorine

The unit constantly monitors the pH and ORP (sanitiser in mV) readings and then doses acid for pH correction and liquid chlorine sanitiser.

•    Low reading warning lights
•    Warning lights for low chemical reserves
•    Data storage to check reading history
•    Residential & commercial use
•    Chemical use gauges
•    Fitting kit
•    Easy installation
•    pH & ORP
•    Flow safety cut out
•    Calibration kit included
•    Lockable controls
•    Made in Germany
•    2 Year Warranty

Needs to be professionally installed