Thermo Housing Unit with Free Chlorine and LAN


Thermo Housing Unit with Free Chlorine and LAN

Thermo Housing Unit with Free Chlorine and LAN

pH/ORP & Free Chlorine cell to monitor Chlorine and pH fitted with LAN for remote monitoring.

This model is fitted with free chlorine cell and gives actual chloring reading in ppm (mg/l)

Insulated weatherproof unit, ideal for spas and swimspas.

•    Can be retrofitted to spas, swimspas and pools.
•    Easy to install and comes complete with plumbing kit
•    Lockable door (option)
•    No need for separate plant room

From  £6,077.00
(VAT included)

Our standard water tyreatment system use ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to measure the oxidizing (sanitiser) capacity in water. Unlike most home test processes, ORP is not fooled by the effects of pH, TDS (Total dissolved solids) and other factors but it is not actually reading the free chlorine in ppm.

ORP can vary according to the water source used to fill the spa or swimspa. However, the constant is that ORP is an accurate measure of killing power as it takes all of the variables into account due to the combined effect of their respective ORP values.

Free Chlorine cell offers more accurate monitoring and dosing of Free chlorine and provides a reading in ppm (mg/l) of chlorine, not mV as in the case of ORP. The unit constantly monitors the pH and chlorine readings and then doses acid for pH reduction correction and liquid chlorine sanitiser.

The unit is fully self contained, weatherproof and insulated. The chemicals are stored internally and for added safety a lockable door option is available.

Can be retro-fitted to any spa and swimspa

•    Low reading warning lights
•    Warning lights for low chemical reserves
•    Data storage to check reading history
•    Residential & commercial use
•    Chemical use gauges
•    Fitting kit
•    Easy installation
•    pH & ORP
•    Flow safety cut out
•    Calibration kit included
•    Lockable controls
•    Made in Germany
•    2 Year Warranty

Needs to be professionally installed 

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