DIY 8M Pool

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DIY 8M Pool

DIY 8M Pool

More and more people want to add a swimming pool in their garden. Catalina offers high-quality polyester swimming pools; their installation time and costs are much less in comparison to reinforced concrete or liner pools.

Planning permission is not usually required to install an outdoor swimming pool.
However, it is always recommended that you check with your local planning authority, particularly if your property or the surrounding area has any of the following classifications:
•    Designated land
•    National park
•    Greenbelt land
•    Listed building

Building a swimming pool in the garden, however, does not end only with the installation itself. We also offer sliding enclosures, heating options and water features.

From  £21,024.00
(VAT included)
Shell Colour
Above ground support kit

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DIY kit includes;

  • Sand Filter + Filter media
  • Filter Pump
  • Skimmer
  • 2 x Inlets
  • 2 x Suctions
  • LED Underwater light c/w transformer
  • Deck Box
  • Electric control panel - single phase
  • PVC plumbing Kit
  • Flexible PVC pipe (50 meter)
  • Pool Cleaning Kit
  • Chemical starter pack

The DIY kit comes complete with all of the items as listed above and a full installation/instruction manual.

Our pools are built to exceptional strength and to the following specification;

1. First Gelcoat layer
It is an external (visible to the naked eye) layer of the pool. We offer five different colours.
2. Second gelcoat layer
Second layer of gel coat improving the basin resistance to provide our trademark quality finish.
3. Barrier Coat layer
Spray barrier layer protects the pool surface against osmosis and bubbles.
4. Protective layer
Vinyl ester resin layer that doubles the protection of the barrier coat layer.
5. Construction layer
It consists of several (depending on the size of the pool) layers of glass mat and resin. This is the main load bearing structure designed to strengthen the entire shell.
6. Steel reinforcement
Steel profiles are placed under the pool frame and on the embossing. Its task is to prevent the walls from bending and additionally strengthen the entire basin.
7. Reinforcement layer
The roving fabric is an additional material strengthening the structure.
8. Insulation layer
Insulation layer made out of polyurethane foam which task is to reduce heat loss and protect the pool from external damage.

Excludes: optinal above ground frame kit

All prices include VAT. Please note prices do not include delivery, crane hire or installation.

Water temperature not to exceed 30°C

Please contact us for a quote and more information


Dimensions L x W x D (mm) 8M x 3.2M x 1.55M
Volume ltrs (approx) 28M³
Dry Weight kg (approx) 840kg
Colours Light blue, White, Sand, Blue, Grey
Circulation Pump Yes
Filtration Sand filter
River Jets Option (extra)
Water Purification Option (extra)
Lighting 1 x LED inc transformer
Insulation Spray applied to pool shell
Cabinet Support Frame Option (extra)
Shell Fittings Surface skimmer, 2 x inlets and 2 x suctions

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