Pool and Spa Vacuums: Our most popular cleaning device!

Pool and Spa Vacuums

If you are cleaning your tub, its incredibly important to do things right- this saves you time in the future, (this time can then be spent enjoying your spa instead!)

So, what type of vacuums do we sell?

First up we have the AquaJack Vac 10 or known as AJV10 on our website. This is a hand-held manual vacuum cleaner- best used for above ground pools and spas (though some also use it for fish ponds!) Like all vacuums, this product collects any leaves, stones, grit and debris. At £45 inc VAT, it’s a great price point if you are considering trying a vac out!

We then have the AquaJack Vac 50 (also known as the AJV50) which is slightly more expensive than the AJV10. Priced at £49.95 inc VAT, this product is battery operated and is supplied with a 1.65m telescopic pole. Again, it does a great job at collecting debris and is suitable for above ground pools, fish ponds and water features! This vac also comes with a removable, easy clean filter bag. I must note that this vac does requite 8 AA batteries that are not included.

Next is our mid-range vac, the AquaJack 121 Vacuum (AJV121) which is priced at £89.95 inc VAT. This vacuum is different from the first two as it is suitable for pools and spas with water up to a depth of 3 metres.

This product has a suction power of 13.6L/min and a power rating of 10W. Normally, you can get 45 minutes suction time out of a 2/3 hour charge. Better yet, the comfortable portable handle can attach to any standard telescopic pole with no other tools needed.

Our best seller has got to be the AquaJack 211 (AJV211.) Not only is it a GREAT price, it works for 60 minutes on an energy saving mode- this is based on a 2/3 hour charge. This vacuum is most suitable for swimming pools and spas with a water depth of 3 metres, it also provides a suction power of 37L/min and an excellent power rating of 24W. There’s no tools needed and priced at £144.95 inc VAT you cant go wrong!

Finally, we have our most expensive vac. The AquaJack 301 (AJV301) is £299.95 inc VAT- but quite understandably as it has a suction power of 90L/min, a power rating of 36W AND a 90 minute working time (based again on a 2/3 hour charge.) It has a large 1.5L capacity and an extra-large vacuum head, it really is top of the range.

If you are looking to extend the length of either the AJV121, AJV211 or the AJV301 then you can purchase a telescopic pole from our website. Fitted with a twist and lock action, this pole is priced at just £22.60 including VAT and is 1.2-2.4m long.

Still need some convincing or wondering why you need to keep your pool and spa clean?

Cleaning your spa increases the longevity, reduces costly repairs, maintains sanitary and safe water, improves the aesthetic and gives you more enjoyment from regular use!*** Not cleaning your spa or pool can cause clogged filters, growth of bacteria and can even cause health issues- did someone say skin irritation?

****Once you have cleaned your pool, always make sure to test the water chemicals before entering! Check our online store to view test strips, chemicals and more.